AX338/338L Barrel length?

Discussion in 'Practical Long-Range Rifle Shooting' started by agent-smith, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. agent-smith New Member

    I'm getting down to brass tacks in picking-up an AX338, and I'm still trying to decide between the 20" barrel and the 27" barrel. Does anybody have any practical experience with these? Specifically, does anyone have any personal experience with how much difference the 7" in barrel length will make with the 338 Lapua (250gr/300gr bullets)? 200fps?
  2. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    A .338LM with a 20" barrel is a waste-- a conflict of goals. If you want to shoot at long range, what the AI is designed for, get the longer barrel.

    If you want to shoot things at close range with heavy bullets, the old thumper dangerous game rifles and cartridges are better choices.
  3. agent-smith New Member

    Thanks for the reply; assuming a 200fps velocity, doing some bench racing with G7 BCs didn't show as much of a difference as I'd expect (particularly with a 12" danger space) but I'm with you in that the whole point to the 338L is long range. I suppose if I was parachuting out of airplanes with it the shorter barrel would make sense but I don't see a reason to go with anything other than the 27".
  4. Scott Barnett New Member

    Scott Barnett
    Fold the stock..........just sayin!
  5. Scott Barnett New Member

    Scott Barnett
    27", anything else and another caliber should be considered!

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