April Sporting Rifle Match and Magnum Rifle Match

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    Weather is looking good for the Magnum Rifle Match and Sporting Rifle Match this weekend. Here's the schedule and a couple of important things to note:

    Friday noon - We plan pick up targets from the Coal Canyon site and haul them to S. Flats site where we will set up the MRM. We could use 1-2 people to help. If we have time, we will return to Coal Canyon and begin the work on the SRM setup there.

    Saturday morning - Magnum Rifle Match at the S. Flats on the front side of the Whittington Center. Preregistration required. Front gate folks can direct you to the match site. Sight-in at 7:00 AM and match starts at 8:00 AM and we expect to finish up around noon. A few guys who are not shooting the MRM will also be over in Coal Canyon working on the SRM setup during the morning if you want to help out.

    Saturday, noon - We will join the others already working in Coal Canyon and complete the setup for the Sporting Rifle Match. We hope to have the practice range open for competitors 3:00 - 5:00 PM.

    Sunday 7:00-8:00 AM - SRM registration and safety briefing. 8:00 AM - Gate locked and match starts. Be sure to show up at 7:00 AM if you are trying to squad two or more people together. Maximum squad size is total number of competitors divided by 10 plus there must be a SRM veteran that knows where the targets are in every squad.

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