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    They received my trust for 4 on February 23rd and after pending forever was approved on 9/11/16. An appropriate day to approve something as patriotic as a Thunderbeast .30 cal Ultra 9! I cant wait to try it on a .300 Blk pisol and a 6.5 Grendel rifle. "There will be peace in the valley, for me, some day" which is also an appropriate song since my trusts name is IGW Trust
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    Zak Smith
  3. Txhillbilly New Member

    Congratulations on getting your stamp/suppressor. I picked up the 30P-1 that I put on my trust back on 1-13-16,it was 4 days shy of taking 8 months on this approval. My other two suppressors only took 4 months to get the stamps.
  4. pacecars New Member

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    The stamp arrived at the dealer today and I picked up the suppressor almost 7 months to the day

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