Any changes to the State of the Art in Long Range Practical Rifles?

Discussion in 'Practical Long-Range Rifle Shooting' started by thenouveaujaeger, Apr 15, 2012.

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    Zak's great article PRACTICAL LONG-RANGE RIFLE SHOOTING - PART I: THE RIFLE & GEAR, did a good job of laying out the desirable traits in a long range rifle. It's been updated somewhat, but the article is still ~5 years old and quite a few new rifle systems have come out since it was written.

    Seems like they fall into two main categories:
    1. New Chassis Systems like the KRG W3C, XLR, SABER-FORSST, AX AICS, MDT TAC21, etc.
    2. New High End Rifles like the MRAD, XM2010, MSR, TRG M10, Ballista, M2012, etc.
    Do any of those new platforms really up-end the equipment recommendations? Or is it still Badger Ordinance/AI AW/TRG 22?

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    Zak Smith
    I wouldn't say they up-end the recommendations, however, they do fall in various places in the "Entry / Custom / High-end Factory" hierarchy. The chassis systems offer alternatives in the first two categories, and some of the new rifles fall into the last category. I would just caution that brand new rifle designs almost always have turn-on or "teething" issues when they are new and usually are refined in the next 2-5 years following introduction.

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