30P-1 and .300 Blackout?

Discussion in 'Silencers' started by msr, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. msr New Member

    Noveske reports some concern with their barrels and/or the .300 Blackout round using non-symmetrical design baffles. I see the 30P-1 is a helical design. Has it been tested on the .300 Blackout round?
  2. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    It's fine. Ray and I were shooting 10" Noveske .300 Whisper/Fireball uppers with the 30P-1 years before AAC renamed it to "Blackout."

    Just make sure all loads/bullets are 100% stabilized before you shoot with the suppressor. I recommend using a piece of cardboard at 50 yards and shooting 50 rounds without the suppressor. If there are no keyholes you are GTG.
  3. msr New Member

    Now that is service. Thanks.
  4. Jay New Member

    After reading this, I see where you mention shooting a number of rounds at 50 yards to make sure the bullet is stabilizing before using the can. Have you seen problems with this from factory 300 BLK ammo or handloads or both? I am looking to use it on a AAC 9" upper and I would like to make sure I don't screw up the can. Maybe I should avoid doing this?
  5. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    We haven't seen any problems, it's just a double check for safety
  6. elnonio New Member

    Thread revival alert!

    I didn't see any concern with regards to a 9" barrel length when using the 30P-1, so I'm going to guess that 8.5" would be ok as well? 8.5" seems to be a pretty standard barrel length these days in 300blk.
  7. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    That will be fine for .300 BLK

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