22lr practice ammo?

Discussion in 'Practical Long-Range Rifle Shooting' started by strow, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. strow New Member

    Zak or others,

    This is not exactly a long range questions, but.

    What bulk 22lr ammo do you prefer for your 10/22, AR15 22 upper conversions, Glock 22lr conversions, or Ruger MKII/III’s?

    What is your go-to 22lr ammo?

    Do you practice with SV/subsonics or bulk Hi velocity?

    Brand or dealer preference?

    What seems to be a good balance between accuracy (Eley) and price?
  2. Zak Smith Operations

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    Zak Smith
    Heck, I usually just use Remington Subsonic because it's quiet. It's good enough to hit tin cans with a pistol at 40 or 50 yards.
  3. JassenB New Member

    Eley TENEX is (errr, was) my go-to .22LR ammo, and I highly recommend it. Perfect practice makes perfect, and perfect ammo (aka, consistent ammo) aides in perfect practice. Especially when accuracy is your objective.

    For plinking, especially suppressed, Rem Subsonic as Zak mentioned is good stuff. Much more affordable than the TENEX, and pretty consistent/reliable for cheap .22 ammo.
  4. Anthony Moore New Member

    Anthony Moore
    I have a Amphibian (suppressed) built on a Ruger MkII and the ammo it likes the best is Remington Golden bullet. Since this is an integral ported suppressor gun the pressure is critical to proper cycling.

    That is the only gun that I will use Remington ammo in. When I use Remington in one of my 10-22s, I find that about one out of 5 shots is a "flyer". I have found this trait in 30-06 and 308 Core Lock ammo as well. Dinner plate size groups at 100 yards tighten up to coffee cup size when I switch to another brand. That combined with my own and other's experiences with Core Lock bullet failures on game have caused me to abandon the Remington ammo brand for everything except plinking at cans.

    I like Federal or Winchester for consistent accuracy. If you are just ventilating pop cans then Remington, if accuracy matters then Federal.
  5. MinnesotaDan New Member

    I have been using the Federal Target Grade in my AR and works well. The bulk 325 count is available at Walmart for@18.00. This week was the first time I saw any 22 ammo at Walmart in a number of months. I have been having a difficult time to get my Glock 22 conversion to work with any ammo. Using a Tactical Solutions conversion for the Glock 17. I have sent it back to TS and they replaced a few parts and they shot 100 rounds with out an issue. Does not seem to work for me. I am using a modified Glock 17C for 3 gun matches so I suspected the trigger and the mods were causing an issue. Purchased a new Gen 4 17 to eliminate any issues with the Glock mods I made. Had the same issues with the new Glock Failure to Eject and stovepipes. It makes a great set up for practicing malfunction drills. Factory service is great at TS, Cody is the person I worked with I may re visit them with this issue again.

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