2019 Sporting Rifle Match Schedule

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  1. RMField New Member

    Sporting Rifle Match - Coal Canyon
    Feb 3
    March 3
    April 7
    May 5
    June 2
    July 7
    August 4
    September 1

    Sporting Rifle AR Match - Coal Canyon
    June 1
    August 3

    Magnum Rifle Match - South Flats
    April 6
    May 4
    July 6

    Sporting Rifle Team Match - Coal Canyon
    August 17 and 18
  2. RMField New Member

    The first match of the 2019 season is coming up soon on February 3 and we need help hauling targets to the Whittington Center and re-setting the course. See the match website for details. www.sportingriflematch.com
  3. RMField New Member

    So far, conditions are looking good for next weekend. Only a little snow on the ground at both TWC and the target storage site. Based on the response we've received, it looks like we enough vehicles to haul the targets. We also have about a dozen people for setup on Saturday which should be adequate, but if you are inclined to help, a few more people would be welcome. Check back here before you leave in case a weather issue arises.

    Edit: I forgot to mention that setup on Saturday will start at 7:00 AM. Hopefully we will finish in time to open the practice range at 3:00 PM.
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  4. RMField New Member

    March Sporting Rifle Match cancelled due to weather and conditions on the ground. There is about a foot of snow on the ground and more coming tonight. Our next opportunity to get the course set up will be the Saturday before the April 7 match. This also results in the need to cancel the April Magnum Rifle Match. We appreciate everyone's patience. As before, we will need some volunteers to help out, but will wait until the date gets closer to organize that.

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