17 WSM and rimfire cans

Discussion in 'Silencers' started by The Fly, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. The Fly New Member

    The Fly
    I currently have a 22L and waiting to get my 22 takedown out of jail.

    Would either of these be acceptable on a 17WSM ? Or do I need to use a 223 centerfire can ?
  2. Zak Smith Operations

    • Instructor
    Zak Smith
    It should be fine in the 22TD.
  3. Rem700208 New Member

    Getting ready to order an Ultra 7 .30Cal. I have a 17WSM, it would be cool if it suppressed that as well. Anyone try it?
  4. Scott M Bainbridge New Member

    Scott M Bainbridge
    I suppressed every rifle I have. I built a 20-250 to shoot suppressed. Its one of my most accurate rifles until I suppress it. Goes from sub 0.1 moa to .75+moa with 223 P1 can. It will shoot a bit better with a 30P1. Same goes for my 20 practical and 17 Mach IV. All accurate rifles that won't shoot as well suppressed. Step up to 22 cal and larger and not an issue between can on and off. I've did all my load development with 20-250 with can on. Frustrating. Other than the sub bores I've never seen an issue with suppressing a rifle an issue, its either uneffected or improved the accuracy. I'm not trying to deter you. I love every TBAC can I have as well as others I own. Good luck.

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