COMPETITION DYNAMICS [CD] and THUNDER BEAST ARMS [TBAC] have joined in strategic cooperation to bring new practical/field match concepts to reality.

COMPETITION DYNAMICS is a separate business entity from TBAC; its sole purpose is to administer leading-edge practical field matches. Its staff brings to the table extensive 3-Gun, multi-gun, pistol, and long-range match administration experience, as well as specialized field-course setup experience.

Its staff has been involved in running the follow events :
2008-2011 Steel Safari
2002-2011 CPPA/IBPO Law-Enforcement 3-Gun
2007 Camp Guernsey Invitational Multi-Gun Match   Archived website
2006 Practical Rifle Team Challenge   Archived website.
Monthly/Local 3-Gun in CO and Camp Guernsey, WY
2003-2004 Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Nationals
2001 Soldier of Fortune 3-Gun
2001-2003 United States Marshalls Posse
Founding Members, Colorado Multigun