Here at THUNDER BEAST ARMS CORP, we're dedicated to building the best precision rifle suppressors on the planet. There are cheaper ways to build suppressors. If what you want is a suppressor whose primary design goals were "quick and inexpensive to manufacture", then those other suppressors might be a good choice. We set out to build the best, and there are no shortcuts. It takes a dedicated manufacturing team, a lot of expertise, and state of the art CNC machinery to build suppressors like our ULTRA series.

All our products are in continuous production. We have batches of virtually all suppressor models in process at different stages of production at all times.

At the moment, our production is caught up with orders for most products! This is very rare, so if you're reading this, it's a good time to order. We should be able to allocate serial numbers either today or in the next few days.

We typically have a long backlog after SHOT Show (January) because many dealers make large orders there.

Unlike some others, we build all our suppressors and mounts completely in-house (no outsourcing) so that we can control the process and quality 100%.

We build suppressors in "First-Come First-Served" order. That is, we build suppressors in the order that the orders come in from customers, dealers, and distributors.

If you are a dealer, the time it will take to get your suppressor is (1) the time it takes to get the serial numbers for your order (the manufacturing backlog), in addition to (2) the time it takes ATF to clear your Form 3. If you are an end-user, you will have a Form 4 wait on top of that.


22-TAKE-DOWN many in stock
223A in stock
22L-1 in stock
22S-1 in stock
338BA in stock
ULTRA-338 many in stock more in progress
ULTRA-5 many in stock
ULTRA-5-6.5MM many in stock
ULTRA-7 many in stock more in progress
ULTRA-7-223 many in stock more in progress
ULTRA-7-6.5MM many in stock
ULTRA-9 many in stock
ULTRA-9-6.5MM many in stock


Serial numbers for orders sumitted today are expected between 06-22-2017 and 06-26-2017
Please note that these dates are estimates only based on our current production rate and backlog. They are subject to change and are not guaranteed.

Current Form 3 turnaround times average 34 days.


Our dealer network has a very large number of suppressors in stock and on order.

The fastest way to get one of our suppressors is to buy from a dealer that has one in stock or to get your name on their list for the suppressors they have on pending orders. In addition, SILENCER SHOP is a distributor and can supply silencers to your local dealer. MILE HIGH SHOOTING is our Law Enforcement distributor.


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Dealers who were recently shipped a large order of suppressors:
List is sorted by number of suppressors shipped - most to least.

Short Action Customs LLCWellington OH 440-309-0085      SHORTACTIONCUSTOMS.COM
Gunwerks LLCCody WY 307-296-7300
Pointman Firearms (Banks, Steven Duane)Hazard KY 606-438-9921
Sun & Shield (Walchle Ranch Hunting LLC)Montrose CO 970-209-7500
P & S Security (P & S Electric & Roustabout Service, Inc)Great Bend KS 620-796-2133
Jon Trammels Gunsmithing & Sport Shop (Trammel, Jon R)Breckenridge TX 254-559-3455
Capitol Armory (Eltiste Stamp Acquisitions, LLC)Cedar Park TX 512-879-4068      CAPITOLARMORY.COM

Dealers that have a significant number of suppressors on order:
List is sorted by number of suppressors - most to least.

Lone Star Armory (Lone Star Armory LLC)Fort Worth TX 817-531-2807      LONESTARARMORY.US
Jims Firearms, IncBaton Rouge LA 225-293-5467
Waymore Guns (MacLeigh Texas Ventures LLC)Houston TX 281-674-8740      WAYMORESILENCERS.COM
Capitol Armory (Eltiste Stamp Acquisitions, LLC)Cedar Park TX 512-879-4068      CAPITOLARMORY.COM
Montana Tactical (Hagen, Aaron A)Bozeman MT 406-223-8686

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