We are recalling model 338P, 338P-1, and 338BA suppressors. The recall applies to most of these suppressors that have serial numbers less than # 51158. Affected suppressors subject to the recall will be upgraded to the 338 ULTRA core or replaced with a 338 ULTRA (see below for details).


We have identified a problem with some of our .338 caliber suppressors that can cause catastrophic failure of the suppressor if the weld that joins the rear end to the rest of the suppressor core is defective or compromised.

The vast majority of our 338 suppressors will give a lifetime of service without any problems. Unfortunately, there is no way to non-destructively determine if any given suppressor has a defective weld or not.

The defect rate is about 0.25%. That is, the chance that any particular 338 suppressor in the affected serial number range has a problem is 0.25%. Although it might not seem like much, it is not acceptable to us.

If you have a model 338P, 338P-1, or 338BA with a serial number less than # 51158 (or any custom serial number), the recall may apply to your suppressor.

We have just announced the new 338 ULTRA suppressors, following on in the ULTRA line from the original .30 cal and more recent 6.5 mm ULTRA offerings. The 338 ULTRA is about 33% lighter than the 338BA (16.9 ounces), 2-3 dB quieter (135-138 dB on mil-std test), and much much stronger than the original 338BA suppressor. The 338 ULTRA is rated down to 16-inch .338 Lapua Magnum barrels.


This additional strength comes in substantial part from using new welding technology. All of our ULTRA suppressors are welded using robotic welders under real-time computer control that produce 100% penetration perfect welds, without overheating, every time.


1. REPAIR. We will put a brand-new 338 ULTRA baffle core in your old tube. This will have the full strength of the 338 ULTRA baffle core. It will be 2-3 dB quieter than an old 338BA, and it will weigh approx 21 ounces once finished (will vary based on original tube).

The ATF has ruled that repairs that retain the old tube and do not change caliber or overall length do not require any additional "Form" paperwork. Because of this, you'll send us your old suppressor on a "Repair Letter" and we'll send it directly back to you with no additional fees or costs. This is the default option. It minimizes your wait time and costs.

2. FULL 338 ULTRA UPGRADE. As an option, we can replace your old 338 suppressor with a brand-new "factory" 338 ULTRA. We will take in your old 338 suppressor, destroy it per ATF specs, and send it back to you with an ATF NFA item destruction letter. Then we will send a 338 ULTRA to you, via your local Class 3 dealer. You will be responsible for the $200 tax stamp and any tranfer fees and you will have to wait for the Form 3 and 4 to clear before you get your new suppressor back.


The 338 recall only applies to model 338P, 338P-1, and 338BA suppressors, not to any .30 caliber suppressors.

The 338 recall only applies those 338 suppressors with serial numbers less than # 51158. 338BA suppressors manufactured after 51158 used our fully robotic computer controlled welder and cannot have this defect.

Our goal is to turn around your suppressor repair in about 4 to 6 weeks. If we get a lot of them back at the same time, it might take a little longer.

The new 338 ULTRAs and repaired 338 suppressors with the 338 ULTRA baffle core are backwards compatible with all 30BA and 338BA muzzle brakes.

If you wish to retain “direct thread” functionality, we can semi-permanently affix a brake in-place.

If you have time constraints, please contact us before sending in your suppressor so we can ensure we get it back to you when you need it.

The repair/replacement options apply to the suppressor only. You will not get a new brake under this recall. Your old 338BA brake is compatible with the 338 ULTRA (core and suppressor). If you have a direct-thread 338P-1 or 338P, we will provide a brake. If you want to retain the "direct thread" functionality, please let us know in the RMA note.


To determine if your TBAC .338 caliber suppressor is affected by this recall, please enter your 338P, 338P-1, or 338BA serial number below:

If so, you will be directed to the 338 RECALL RMA page. Please fill out this form electronically. Once you submit it, we will email you a UPS shipping label.