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Ultras and 22 Takedowns available!

Posted By: Zak Smith on September 29, 2016

TBAC Backlog Slayed – New orders that go in today will have serial numbers assigned in about two weeks!

At TBAC we’ve had a pretty long backlog for a while due to the demand for the Ultras and 22TD’s. Through the hard work of our foreman and production staff, along with significant investment in more high-end CNC equipment and hiring, we are just about up to date now– and producing at a rate that far eclipses what we could build just a year ago. Orders that go in today should have serial numbers assigned in “about two weeks”.

Q4 is usually the best time to get orders in for minimum production delay. The worst time is just after SHOT Show because that is when dealers and distributors put in very large orders.

Reminder: Ongoing 338P-1/338BA RECALL

Posted By: Zak Smith on September 27, 2016

This is a reminder that we have an outstanding recall on model 338P, 338P-1, and 338BA suppressors.

Affected suppressors will be upgraded to the 338 ULTRA core or replaced with a 338 ULTRA.


Upcoming TBAC Long-Range Classes

Posted By: Zak Smith on September 26, 2016

Just a reminder that we are quickly coming to the close of our training season for our Douglas training area. Whether you’re looking for an intro/intermediate class or an advanced skills class, get in on one of our training class’s while the weather is great.

30 September – 2 October, #206-PFSW+, Douglas Wyoming, $995
7-9 October, #305-ELRHA, Douglas Wyoming, $995
28-30 October, #206-PFSW+, Douglas Wyoming, $995
4-6 November, #206-PFSW+, Blue Steel Ranch, Logan NM $1200

Our #206-PFSW+ class covers data management, wind reading and some awesome positional shooting class. Our #305-ELRHA class covers; High Angle, Extended Long Range, Positional shooting-both barrier and natural, Comp shooting, advanced wind doping, time management and match strategy.

Silencer Locator Tool - Now Even Better!

Posted By: Zak Smith on March 24, 2016

A week ago we rolled out our Silencer Availability Tool to help find a suppressor in our dealer and distributor network.

We’ve just enhanced this tool so that you can select the type of suppressor you’re looking for (for example, 6.5 ULTRA 9, 338 ULTRA, etc) and it will tell you all the dealers who have recently been shipped that type of suppressor, in addition to the dealers who have them on order and you might be able to get your name on one.


TBAC Silencer Availability Tool Online

Posted By: Zak Smith on March 15, 2016

Here at THUNDER BEAST ARMS CORP, we’re dedicated to building the best precision rifle suppressors on the planet.

All our products are in continuous production. We have batches of virtually all suppressor models in process at different stages of production at all times. There is a manufacturing backlog and we typically do not have silencers just sitting on the shelf.

We’ve put together an online tool to help customers and dealers understand our current production status, how long it takes to get “new” serial numbers at any given time, and a list of dealers who have just been shipped suppressors, and a list of those who have them on order. The fastest way to get a suppressor is to get one from a dealer who has one in stock or has one on order that he can put your name on.

For more information, please visit the TBAC SILENCER AVAILABILITY TOOL

This page has live data from our production database and is updated continuously.