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Discussion in 'Practical Long-Range Rifle Shooting' started by vendetta333, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. vendetta333 New Member

    is it possible to get an AI AW with a 26" barrel (260 rem) to come in at or below 14# scoped and bipod? or is the AW system too heavy in and of itself? thanx!
  2. Zak Smith Operations

    • Instructor
    I don't think that's possible. The rifle itself will weigh that much without anything mounted on it.
  3. vendetta333 New Member

    that's kind of what i figured. what did/does your 260 weigh out scoped and what contour/length did/does it have? also, off topic of the thread, but what are your thoughts of the various types of rifling? do you prefer one over the other? cut/button/forged? thanx
  4. Zak Smith Operations

    • Instructor
    About 18# with 26" med Palma, suppressor, sling, S&B 3-12, bipod.

    I prefer 5R/5C profiled cut rifling.
  5. vendetta333 New Member

    thanx i was looking at a 26" 5r kreiger light palma fluted to the max safe. NF 3-15 the first focal one. what bipods do you suggest? i do not care for the parker hale style ones or the harris ones too much either. what do you use?
  6. Zak Smith Operations

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    For field use nothing I've seen touches the AI bipod (which is PH style).
  7. vendetta333 New Member

    they all seem very flimsy or floppy though. is that intentional? how do you feel about the sako bipod? just out of curiosity? :)
  8. Zak Smith Operations

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    It's not flimsy at all, you could use it as a bludgeon no problem. It does have play which is why some people think it is floppy. This is a feature. Rigid bipods cause all sorts of problems with gun leveling, bipod leg/foot "hop", and height adjustment.
  9. vendetta333 New Member

    gotcha. thanx for the info

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